My Halloweensie Entry: Geraldine’s Boo Debut

I decided yesterday I was going to actually write a story for Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie contest. She has awesome prizes, so why not? So, while the kids are taking their sweet time eating their 2nd breakfast (morning grazers).

The story had to use the words ghost, spider, and moon in some way. It also had to be 100 words or less. Mine is exactly 100 words, excluding the title.


Geraldine’s Boo Debut

Geraldine Ghost floated out of bed singing a happy little song. Her Halloween scare debut was tonight, and she had to practice her BOO song. When she got to the chorus, she HICCUPED! She hiccupped all day while the sun was high in the sky.

She held her breath. She turned red. HICCUP!

She drank water. She pouted and turned blue. HICCUP!

She sat near a tree, under the gumball moon, when down came a spider.

“BOO!” said the spider, and frightened Geraldine’s hiccups away.

That night, Geraldine floated along the stage, singing her song. It went without a hiccup.



13 thoughts on “My Halloweensie Entry: Geraldine’s Boo Debut

  1. It went off without a hiccup…I love that, Ashley! Great job…I was rooting for Geraldine to get ride of them…hiccups can be a pain in the neck. 🙂 😉 So happy to connect with you via Susanna’s super Halloweensie. 😉


    1. Vivian, it’s always a pleasure. Coincidentally, my 4yo had a nasty case of hiccups yesterday that he couldn’t shake. Go figure!


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